Our 60th Anniversary!

There’s no denying: our 60th-anniversary reunion on June 4-5, 2017, was a success!

At the Sunday luncheon and the Monday dinner, and with 35 of you participating, there was a unanimous expression of satisfaction for the camaraderie and the “cuisinerie”.

Winding down our luncheon with a round of personal anecdotes illustrated the richness of our collective experience, and our readiness to share our stories.

This website provides a convenient platform on which to simply keep in touch with each other, as well as a place to continue the reportage; but it needs not only your narrative input, but also your monetary support for it to be maintained, hopefully until we celebrate again in 2022, including those of you who couldn’t make it in 2017.

For further information, contact

           Barney Giblon                                Cig Gryfe

barney.giblon@utoronto.ca         c.gryfe@utoronto.ca